Fred Fröhlich / Projects
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Video Installation, 2004-2008
The animation film VOLUME I is based on an extensive collection of commercial stock photos. 12.000 selected royalty free images are arranged according to criteria of form and content and assembled to a single frame animation. The frames exchange at such a speed that the individual image can hardly be grasped by the eye. A thematically comprehensive image selection, which covers the most popular motifs in advertising refers to the character of the work as an encyclopedia. The sequential sortation according to form and colour generates a more or less fluent effect and makes the vaguely perception of subjects possible.
VOLUME I, HD-Video transfered to Blu-ray disc, silent, 8:27 min, loop, installation view Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dortmund, Germany, 2008 (Photo: Thomas Wucherpfennig)